Hi. Hello. Welcome. Bonjour.

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to write this intro or the *first post*. I am really bad at the beginnings. I am one of those people that start something and quickly forgets. That’s why there is probably about 10 blogs with only 1 post on them and nothing else. Chances are they are my abandoned 12 am great ideas. And this is another one. Hopefully (fingers crossed) this time I will manage to actually post stuff here. So as it usually goes I should probably say hi so…


I am a 23 yeard old very confused human being. I am a student (still) and I work as a fashion journalist so naturally fashion is pretty important in my life. I watch way too many films and tv shows (wait, is that even a thing – can you actually watch too much?) and I am not a native English so please excuse any grammar mistakes. I love traveling and if I had the money I would probably spend all my life with a suitcase next to me. I cannot imagine life without animals, dogs in particular, because if there is anything remotely similar to miracles in this world that would be dogs. And most of all I am a very creative creature. I am always looking for any way to fulfill my creativity hence so many abandoned blogs, I even started a YouTube channel but about that maybe some other time. Anyway, not to make it too long, I’d like to mention what I will write about cause it seems to be relevant. Or is it?

So this blog is going to be about whatever I want to be. Pretty simple, right? I always felt very restrained as to what type of topics I should choose. Start a fashion blog? Or write about films and tv shows? Or maybe books? I am not a decisive person as hopefully you’ll see in the future. So I figured that I will just stick to the stuff that I am passionate about, because¬†people are complicated and we like more than just one thing. I will try to make it as organised as I can and well, we’ll see what the future will bring, won’t we? So for now I say see you later.

April 23, 2017 Edit: 3 months later I think I have chosen what I want to write about, but you will have to stick around if you want to know the answer to that.


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